Wow, you actually clicked on the ‘About’ page.

I was hoping no one would, as I find it weird to talk about myself. Welp…

My name is Fernanda, but my friends call me “Panqué.” I was born in Mexico City, and lived there until I was 20 and moved to the U.S.

I go back and forth between NJ and NYC, but realistically spend most of my time in the city. I attend Columbia University, where I major in Film and Media Studies. To feel closer to my roots and cultural background, I am also working on a concentration in Latin American Studies.

I spent three years of my life studying photography (my pics). My two passions are cinematography and screenwriting, but I’m hoping to learn every aspect of the moving image.

In this ‘blog’ you will find some of the essays and articles I’ve written (mostly related to film, literature or feminism) that I deem good enough to share.


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